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The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show educates young viewers with valuable lessons during its Consumer Tips segments.  Plastic Man, Penny and Hula Hula act out scenarios with lessons ranging from shopping, reading labels, counting change and investing wisely, to  preserving the environment through recycling bottles and cans, conserving energy, turning off hot water, closing doors and windows in both summer and winter.   All lessons are visual and memorable to leave positive and lasting impressions.
Educational Content

The PMCAS is full of positive messages and educational content for its young viewers.   Plastic Man himself is a non-violent Super Hero, who never uses weapons of any sort or engages in physical fighting with his rivals.  He is a shining example of peaceful conflict-resolution at its best.  He uses cleverness, his flexibility and  functional disguises instead.  His good-natured and amusing elastic defensive tactics usually result in the villians and his rivals bringing about their own capture and/or criminal demise.
PMCAS Viewers Learn to be Smart Shoppers
and Environment-Friendly Consumers
Cash-Conscious Plaz